LDMR Callouts


Well, that's it - below is the final map - all calls for 2015 have now been reported and mapped.

It's been a fascinating and humbling project (not to mention time consuming!) but the final map gives a fascinating insight into the variety of incidents the Lake District Mountain Rescue Team are called to deal with - and some interesting trends stand out:

  • LOTS of people get lost on Scafell Pike - I mean I know a lot of people go there, but there does appear to be a higher than average cluster of yellow pegs in the area.
  • Slape Crag (Barf) is clearly very easy to get stuck on.
  • If you're going cycling in Thornthwaite Forest take it easy - lots of folks seem to fall off around there.
  • Tread carefully - so many of the callouts are for simple slips and trips that quickly result in broken bones.

Take a look at this superb video to see a tiny fraction of the fab work they do.

My goals when I kicked off this project were:

1.  To show how properly amazing they are, going out in all weathers and at all hours of the day and night to deal with the lost and the injured.
2.  To highlight the main trouble spots so everyone knows when and where to take a little extra care.
3.  To remind everyone visiting the fells to drop a few quid into the LDSAMRA pots whenever you see them or to click here to visit their Just Giving page and make a donation online.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take care on the fells and pretty please, whenever you see a collecting box for Mountain Rescue, wherever you are, throw in whatever you can afford.

You can find some excellent advice for staying safe in the outdoors here.  And if you're interested in the data for callouts for previous years, you can find that here.


Yellow = Lost
Red = Injured
Blue = Exhaustion/ Previous medical condition
Green = Animal
Purple = Stuck
Brown = Supporting Emergency Services
Black = False alarm
White = Winter Storm Specific