** I've also teamed up with Brathay Trust to write this short blog about how even the shortest of walks can help your mental health***

Walking is one of the simplest, and cheapest, ways to build and maintain fitness.  It's great for our mental health too with even short walks offering us a quick boost.  For a more detailed look at the myriad of ways walking can help us, take a look at this report.

The aim of #WalkOneStop is to encourage us all to get off the train/ bus/ tube/ tram one stop earlier, or park one street/ car park further away, and walk instead.

Even if it's only 200m to your next stop it all adds up:

1 day = 400m (0.4km/ 0.25 miles) = 25 calories
1 week = 2000m (2km/ 1.2 miles) = 100 calories
1 month = 8000m (8km/ 5 miles) = 500 calories

1 working year = 96,000m (96km/ 60 miles) = 6000 calories = 2.5lbs weight

Sometimes we don't bother doing something because it seems too small to be useful, but even the shortest walk is a step in the right direction (you see what I did there?) and who knows where all those steps could lead?

I came up with the idea on my way to work in Manchester one day - I was working near Piccadilly but got off at Oxford Road so I could enjoy a walk. I love getting out into the hills, but that's not always possible, so this is how I fit walking into my daily routine.

To help spread my message far and wide I've joined forces with Hotter Shoes because they make fabulous comfy shoes AND they're a local company based in Lancashire.  You don't need a lot of fancy kit for a short walk, but good shoes help.  I'm also working with my very good friend WildRambling.com who cares as passionately about this as I do.

It couldn't be simpler to get involved - just follow @WalkOneStop on Facebook, Twitter and/ or Instagram and share you stories.  Upload photos or videos and use #WalkOneStop in your message.  Between us we can create a whole community of people improving their health one step at a time (seriously, there are just too many good puns here for me to miss!).

Oh - and I made a video too - my first ever, so please be kind.  😁


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