Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Life in a Northern Town

Well it's been a while, but as this blog is about life in Delores rather than my mundane every day life, that would explain things.  We've managed a couple of brief trips but these have been mainly related to house hunting leaving no time for blogging.  However that's all about to change!

On January 2nd 2011 we're moving north and, as we haven't found a 'proper' home to live in yet, we'll be living in Delores for a few months.  At least I hope it will only be a few months!  I start work on 4th Jan so we need to be up there and the only option is to head off in the trusty Delores.  We've found a fab site in Silverdale and, snow permitting, we'll be rocking up there sometime late on Sunday 2nd Jan.  I know there are plenty of people who 'full time' but this will be a first for us and it seems like we've chosen the perfect time of year and weather conditions in which to do it!  Mind you it seems the weather is the least of the problems up there today and I should be rather more concerned about the earthquakes!

Anyway, the bog will be bought back to life to track our adventures.  The plan as I write this today is to find a house near to Kendal, but who knows what 2011 will bring!  At the moment we're busy packing and bidding farewell to all our many friends, family and colleagues in Fleet & Wokingham and I'm very much looking forward to a new year of "Hellos" .

Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic Christmas and New Year and we'll 'see' you in 2011!