Sunday, 22 March 2020

Virtually Cumbria

Wow.  It's hard to find the right words just now, but wow seems to cover most things.  It feels odd to be writing this as my blog has always been dedicated to shouting about Cumbria and encouraging folks to visit and discover tucked away corners, but not now.  At this particular moment we need everyone to stay home and stay safe.  The local hospitals and Mountain Rescue do not need to be dealing with Bank Holiday levels of visitors having slips and accidents as well as passing on the virus.

I'm not about to start ranting - I'm not a ranter (well, apart from when Steve stacks the dishwasher all wrong *again*!) - instead I want to spread a little joy if I can and help everyone enjoy Cumbria virtually. I'm going to start by sharing some of my favourite views and telling you how long they've existed, to reassure you that they will till be there when you're chomping at the bit to return.  And, if nothing else, I always find that a geological timescale helps put 12 weeks of social distancing/ isolation into perspective.

I've also selected 5 locations with webcams so you can enjoy them from home - no need to visit.  Keep us, and everyone else, safe and please stay home.  Thank you.


Amongst the oldest rocks in the county the Skiddaw Group is around 480 million years old, although obviously they didn't look like this when they were laid down, but they have looked roughly like this since the last ice sheets vanished around 11,000 years ago.

You can find Skiddaw Webcam right here.  Now tell me that's not a magnificent view!


Yeah, I know it's right next to Skiddaw but c'mon, it's awesome!  Easily one of my favourite fells to look at, and Halls Fell Ridge is one of the finest routes in the county, in my very humble opinion.  Rocks wise, it's much the same age as Skiddaw but twice as sexy.  Rarrr!

You can see the Blencathra webcam here.  (Please note - not a lot to see when it's dark...)

Coniston Water

There is SOOOOO much history attached to Coniston Water from Donald Campbell to Ruskin.  Or should that be the other way around?  Either way it's a magnificent lake.  No launches or boats on there at the moment, but you can watch the webcam here and get your Coniston fix whenever you need it!


What a chuffing gorgeous lake!  Fabulous dogleg in the middle and stunning fells all around.  Often gets voted as the best looking lake and the others are properly jealous.  Ullswater Steamers aren't running, but you can still watch their webcam and dream of your next visit.

Osprey Cam

OK, this one isn't quite live yet - but it will be, and when it is you will be hooked, I promise!  Cumbria Wildlife Trust have a live camera on their osprey nest which will kick in as soon as the osprey return from their winter hols in Africa - no pesky border controls for them!  Once Osprey Cam is up and running you can watch them as they lay eggs, hatch, and rear their young.  Entertainment from late March until the end of the summer.  perfect!

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