Saturday, 27 February 2016

10 Great reasons to cancel your holiday in Cumbria

Lots of people work hard to promote the county, support local businesses and encourage people to keep visiting - but enough.  Lots of people seem determined to cancel their hols here and, to be honest, who can really blame them.  Here are a bunch of reasons you might want to consider...

1.  The buildings are all falling down - there's no denying it.

Furness Abbey

Penrith Castle
Shap Abbey
Piel Castle

2. It always rains here - of course it does, it rains here every

Riggindale Valley
Crinkle Crags

3.  The food is rubbish - best bring a packed lunch

4.  There's nothing to do if you don't like hill walking - good point - I'd never noticed it was so *boring* around here...

Go Ape Grizedale
Morecambe Bay Cycleway
Longbow making at Quirky Workshops
Brockhole Windermere
Gorgeous Greystoke Cycle Cafe 

5.  There's absolutely nothing to do in the evenings - yup, us locals just sit around all evening and stare at the sheep.

There's nothing on the Go Lakes website except for this...

The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal is also pretty quiet...

I mean, why would you even go to the Rheged Centre...


6.  The locals are weird... and they stare at you...

7.  The shops are rubbish - we can't deny that one either, afraid there are no huge shopping malls for you to while away the hours - just these nasty little local shops that insist on sourcing stuff locally instead of flying in exotic goodies from miles away.

Keswick Boot Company

8.  There are no beaches here - no - not one single beach.  Oh, except for these...

9.  There's nowhere to stay... the standard of accommodation is shocking - someone really ought to do something about that...

Armathwaite Hall near Keswick

Crumble Cottages Cartmel
Bays Brown Farm
Photo from FABULOUS Richard Jennings My Wainwrights blog

10.  And if you are going to insist on still coming here, only come in the summer, there's nothing at all to see during the rest of the year...

Honestly, I have no idea why anyone ever comes here - if I were you I'd hit that cancel button right now - you're not going to be missing a thing... (Oh, and if you decide not to cancel, check out this blog for some other things to do & local information.)

PS Don't forget about our books - they are crammed with great reasons to give the county a miss... 😉

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

A decision of historical importance

It's been one of those days. I'm feeling a bit under the weather and spent yesterday and this morning melting my brain over a work project. Fresh air was needed. Due to our combined efforts we missed the planned train to Silverdale so trudged home to drive there.

Once in the car I piped up that now we were in the car we could go anywhere - the only problem was neither of us was in the mood to make a decision.  We were half way to Ingleborough  (don't ask), before we decided to turn the car around and go to Leighton Moss.

As we retraced our steps back along the A590 we both noticed a couple of tunnels in the hillside so changed our plans again and decided to go and see what they were. We found a spot, parked up and spent a further 5 minutes deciding whether to go and explore them after all. (Seriously - is it just us that has days like this?).

Anyway, turns out the tunnels were pretty darned interesting and we were very glad we went and had a look - plus we found a fairy house on the way back - bargain.  So here's a few pics of it all, you know, in case you can't decide what to do one day.

Tunnels just big enough for horses