Friday, 19 March 2010

First ever trip out in Delores

OK - as you know we're fresh back from our first outing in Delores so I thought I'd pass on my newfound wisdom for any other newbies out there....

1. Cooker hobs rattle - a LOT. Wrap well with a tea towel. 

2. It's apparently standard for the power to cut off in the back of the van while the keys are turned in the ignition. If you notice your water pump has suddenly stopped working, try removing the keys and having another go. 

3. With the rear bed made there's not a lot of room for 2 adults to get dressed/ undressed without lots of colliding and childish giggling. 

4. If the front seat is meant to swivel and suddenly won't, do not use force! Return the seatback to the upright position and try again. 

5. If you notice your blown air heating isn't blowing, remember what I said in point 2. I didn't. Took me another 45 mins to remember.... 

6. If you find yourself suddenly feeling cold, even though you know you fixed the blown air heating, allow yourself time to realise that whilst you were fiddling you'd turned it onto fan not thermostat and had left it set at level 1. 

7. When rinsing out your loo cassette ensure the tap is well inside the funnel before turning it on full. 

8. If your water suddenly stops working check there is some in your tank BEFORE you enlist assorted members of the Caravan Club, friends, relatives and anyone else nearby to help you fix the problem with your van. 

9. When reversing into a parking spot at Warwick services watch out for the "Parking for caravans" signs - they make a loud clang when you hit them. 

10. Remember why you bought the van and remind yourself that if you can survive 2 rain sodden freezing nights with a streaming cold in a muddy NEC carpark, then the rest of it will be a breeze!

I'm sat at my 'pooter in my nice warm house wishing I was back out in Delores. I'm guessing there's no known cure for this is there.....?

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