Sunday, 12 September 2010

Are you mad?

Lovely Looe

This morning we swam in an unheated outdoor pool in England - in September!  Yes it was a trifle parky but it certainly woke us up and got the blood pumping!  It wasn't meant to be unheated but the boiler had blown.  I'm not surprised, it must be hard work trying to keep an outdoor pool heated in this country, even in the summer.  Unfortunately the showers were some distance from the pool so we both had to sprint across the entire campsite dripping wet and freezing cold, clad only in a swimsuits and a towel.  I think we scared a few of the natives along the way and I'm not sure it's the sort of thing that's usually encouraged on a CC site, but it was good fun and we were helpless with giggles by the time we reached the sanctity of the shower block.

After we'd thawed out with a hot shower and a few hot cups of tea it was time to sort out the Crazy Golf once and for all.  I have to report that out of 5 more games Steve won 4, although my honour remains in tact as I scored the lowest overall round on one of my wins.  His scores are always so much more consistent than mine - he regularly went round in 21 - 25 whilst I ranged from 19 - 29, I'm sure that says something deep and meaningful about us if only I could be bothered to figure out what that was.

Statue of Nelson, the one eyed seal
All that was left to do then was to pack up and head home.  Yes, over 200 miles for 2 nights is a long way and a bit of a daft thing to do, but it was fantastic fun!  We're planning several more adventure between now and Christmas, we're definitely NOT fairweather campers; a quick scan back over the blog pages reminds us how many fabulous things we've seen and done already this year and our plan to eventually tour the entire coast of the UK is still firmly on the cards.  But for now we're parked up, back in the house and trawling the internet for inspiration about where to go next.

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