Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sexy Pants and Estate Agent Rants!

Please don't be worried by the title - unless of course you're an estate agent, it's just that we've finally succumbed to the chills of the north and have invested in thermal underwear.  It may not be high on the stocklist of Ann Summers but it is practical and warm - remember we're currently living in a small motorhome and passion don't enter into it.  Well not very often anyhow!  (If you're looking for dirt look elsewhere, our parents read this!)

To be honest it's been a little challenging this week - I really miss familiar faces and places, but I know it's only a matter of time until we put down roots and in a year or so's time it will feel like we've lived here forever.  There's been zero movement on the house situation, which brings me to the estate agent rants.  We have 2 esatate agents on the case 'darn sarf' and although they're only 50 yards away from each other they are completely unable to share a key.  Last time I spoke to one of them they claimed "they'd told the other agent they needed it but they wouldn't give it to them" - hard to believe these are all grown adults...
Your names not down...

Our weeks have developed a pleasing routine with Wednesdays and Fridays spent lurking in the site bar, although we've been warned that with half term only a couple of weeks or so away things may get hectic quite soon.  Already we've acquired a neighbour.  Because of Monty we're parked up in the furthest point on the entire site and our nearest neighbours were previously a good 300 yeards away, but last weekend someone became unable to resist the magnetic pull of our van and parked directly opposite.  So now we have neighbours for the season (well till the end of March) but at least they don't appear to have dogs and they're only here at the weekends and school hols.  How antisocial are we?!

Due to the lack of movement on the house front we're now looking at different possibilities, though at the present time they remain just that, possibilities.  We're looking at bungalows, the logic being we were very happy in the past when we lived in a flat and a bungalow is like a flat but with a decent a garden and without the neighbours - what's not to love?  Also if you're on an estate full of bungalows no-one is overlooking your backyard, and if they are you can just grow a decent sized hedge and restore your privacy.  We've a couple of viewings lined up on Saturday for places that have stunning views of Morcombe Bay so fingers crossed!

I have to admit that tonight I'm on the wrong side of a couple of large glasses of red wine, so don't expect anything too witty.  Whoever said alcohol wasn't the answer didn't fully understand the question.  Mind you we think we have it bad, we just overheard a couple saying they were off on a cruise tomorrow to the North East coast of Australia.  They reckoned the storm would have gone by the time they got there.  True, but would the entire infrastructure of the region be sorted?  The North West UK maybe a little cold and windy, but we're not expecting gusts of 200mph anytime soon.  Famous last words!

And with that I'll sign off and head back to Delores.  We're really enjoying getting a decent night's sleep but it does rather rely on Monty getting a good run outside during the evening.  Heaven knows where he goes but so far he hasn't come back with any pheasants and for that we're grateful.  Although I'm sure I could rustle up a decent roast if he obliged!

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