Friday, 4 March 2011

And then there were three...

Ok - extra bonus points to anyone who can name the artist..?  Jimmy Saville's old record club - what can I say?  Old habits die hard!  There's three of us in Delores and three vans left on the entire site.  And where did one of them park?  In the pitch directly next to ours.  The magnetic properties of Delores live on!

I never meant to leave it a week between posts but sometimes circumstances just get in the way... You know that mortgage company I mentioned last time?  Well they've been at it again, which means today I'm under the influence of a fine bottle of Pinot Grigio and so it's best to leave the proper blogging 'til tomorrow.  On the day of completion the mortgage company suddenly decided, at 11am, that they wanted more info.  They needed this info so urgently that it took them a full 24 hours to tell us exactly what it was. Ever the optimist I sorted the required info and sent it to them within 2 hours. That was at 11am today.  Have they responded yet?  Of course not, that would require them to view me as a person and not just a case number.  And so we face a weekend in hiatus, pondering our future.

Seeing as it wouldn't be generally acceptible to spend the entire weekend with my mates Pinot & Grigio, I'm going to have to spend some time doing something else, which will probably mean finding another hill to climb.  So, if I'm not around tomorrow updating the blog send out a search party.  I'll either be halfway up a fell or have fallen down in a local bar.  It's a tough call but I know where I'd look first.

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