Sunday, 3 April 2011

This blog has been intentionally left blank.

Well not completely blank - but isn't it annoying when you see that written on a page?  By it's very existence the phrase contradicts itself by rendering the page not blank any more.  Anyway...

I'm only trying to help!
This weekend is all about the big move.  After another bonkers week at work we drove all the way south on Friday (via my Mums) and arrived with Steve's parents around tea time.  It's so good to call it tea time again, I've spent 22 years living in the land of "breakfast, lunch and dinner" and now I've finally returned to a land where it's "breakfast, dinner and tea", although quite where a chip supper fits into that I'm not entirely sure.

Yesterday we returned to the house in Fleet, the first time I've been back there since we left early on 2nd Jan.  It felt a bit wierd at first but then I realised I didn't have time for feelings as we needed to get stuck into some serious housework.  Thankfully Steve's parents helped out by sorting the garden for us, Steve emptied the loft and the sheds and I cleaned everything.  Twice.  The place now glistens and sparkles with the exception of the floors, but I really didn't see the point in cleaning those when they're going to be trampled all over by removal men tomorrow. Tomorrow!  The big day is finally almost upon us and it's going to be big in every sense of the word.
Can someone give me a hand with this?

We'll need to be up and off from the parents soon after 7am, the removal guys are arriving at 8:30am, the final bits will then need to be packed and the lorry loaded before I can crack on and clean all the floors and skirting boards and leave the place in damned near perfect condition for our tenant who arrives on 15th April.  We'll then need to race the removal van 300 miles north and collapse in a heap with pizza and garlic bread (already and waiting in the freezer - I do like to plan ahead!).  Then on Tuesday we need to make a few minor tweaks to the furniture we already have in the bungalow and eagerly await the arrival of all our goodies from Fleet.  There will then be a period of intense nesting which will continue until all the boxes are opened and the contents properly dealt with.  I've no idea how people can still have unopened boxes 5 or even 10 years after moving.  Surely you've proven you don't need whatever is inside and can just donate it, unopened, to the nearest charity store?

In preparation for the events of the coming week we're spending today relaxing with family, eating huge amounts of food and playing silly games.  It's possible there may be a glass or two of wine as well.  Over the past few months there's been so much to think about, worry about and plan that each day I've restricted myself to planning and worrying about only the tasks that are due to occur that day, otherwise I'd have gone nuts ages ago.  Those who know me well would argue it would have been hard to tell if I had.  So today it's really nice to have nothing more to worry about than writing this blog and having fun.  And on that note I shall take my leave and wish you all a very Happy Mother's day!

Don't forget me!

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