Thursday, 22 September 2011

"Some Precipitation"

Ennerdale Water - before the deluge

I've been told off in the past for suggesting that 12 hours of torrential, vertical, rain should be described as anything other than "some precipitation".  On that basis what we experienced yesterday was nothing more than a light passing shower.  Luckily common sense had prevailed and, realising the weather conditions were less than ideal for the high fells, we decided to stay low and took a walk around Ennerdale Water instead.

Things started out well, breezy enough to create waves on the lake big enough to cover the paths as they broke against the lake walls, but otherwise pleasant & fairly dry.  About 1/3 of the way round the rain livened up somewhat but nothing our waterproofs couldn't handle.  A brief stop for tea & chocolate at the head of the lake and we were off again.  This time we encountered "some precipitation" in the form of a 2 hour deluge of rain with a little hail thrown in for good measure, all driven at us horizontally by the prevailing "breeze".  Look on the brightside though, we got a free facial as we walked - some women would pay good money for an exfoliation treatment as natural, organic & effective as that.

The drying room/ Delores bathroom
I also discovered what "wet out" is; that moment when your waterproofs have done all they can and, whilst they're not leaking, they're no longer able to "breathe" so everything inside gets all soggy and cold.  Not so bad while you're walking but pretty darned chilly as soon as you stop.

I'd love to describe to you how magnificent Red Pike, Haystacks & Pillar looked as they loomed large around the valley but the truth is we couldn't see them for the low cloud and anyway, everytime we looked up the rain hurt our eyes.

Please don't think I'm complaining in any way, I saw a T-shirt recently emblazoned with the slogan "Rather a rainy day on a fell than a sunny day in the office", and I'd agree with that 100%.   We had a fun adventure and we were both chuckling all the way around, I'm just letting you know what "some precipitation" looks like in case you're planning a walk in The Lakes anytime soon.

The rainbow after the storm.

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