Friday, 3 February 2012

Clough-ing and Puffing

With it sunny and clear, the snow called. I headed out armed with a mountain name and the name of the nearest road. Yeah I know, one day I'll take a map rather than wing it...

When I couldn't find the road in question I looked up at the Clough Head and thought that's close enough and parked up. A quick walk back down the road I found it, 'The old coach road'. It must have some history behind it as it's a gated track unsuitable for vehicles yet has a proper road sign to Matterdale.

After a 30min walk up the old coach road across Thelkeld knotts you reach the base of the snow lined Clough head. From the north side its a sheer drop, good for paragliders, as there were when I walked past. I don't think theres an official path up this side so I found a suitable entry point and zig-zagged up. With it being in the shade the snow was quite icy, good for snow boarders who where also there. I was exhausted after each dozen steps, with all this nice weather and snow I need a rest, though I know I'll be up somewhere today...

Blencathra & Skiddaw

Once you are on the top you get a good view of Blencathra and Skiddaw to the north and the south Helvellyn and the Dodds and has probably been done by many as the beginning or end of a ridge walk to Dollywaggon Pike. I wonder how far that is; Clough Head-Calfhow Pike-Great Dodd-Watson's Dodd-Stybarrow Dodd-Raise-White side-Lower Man-Helvellyn-Nethermost Pike-Dollywagon Pike.


Derwent Fells & Crag Hill


Snowy bank on Clough Head

Looking towards Great Dodd

The views were stunning in the snow but as I had started late (psychotic cat, road works in Ambleside and big queue for petrol) it was already 4pm and the sun was turning. It all looked too good so I thought just one more and headed to a nice lump of bare rock, Calfhow Pike to have a final slurp of tea.

The sun was now setting so I headed back down and home. I think a circular walk that includes Great Dodd would be a good one for next time.

Moon over Calfhow Pike

Edit: It's Steve btw Hello all. :-)


  1. Hi Steve!
    Great photos! I did the Dollywagon Pike to Clough Head walk in summer 2010 from Dunail Raise and it was a fair few miles (about 14 I think). You had great weather.
    Fab walk :)

  2. looks great, busy mapping, planning, packing for a fun weekend. Walking tomorrow, running Sunday I reckon.