Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Herdy Rides Again

A wistful gaze that would be the envy of Prof Brian Cox.

Fresh from his triumphant win on the Champs Elysee and exhausted from his gold winning endeavours in London, Herdy Wiggins headed north for some serious R&R in the Lake District.  Pausing briefly to give his regards to those lovely folks at The Herdy Company in Kendal he made his way south to the Riviera of Cumbria: Grange-over-Sands.

"Ain't about the, ba-bling ba-bling."

His goal was simple; a little peace and quite and maybe a spot of cycling, the fells would be but gentle hillocks compared to the Alpine climbs of a few weeks ago, plus no-on would make him wear the jersey that clashed with his sideburns again.

The Frogs were still after him...

His hopes of blending into the crowd were dashed when he realised he was at least 2 feet taller and 40 years younger than most of the residents, though some of the ex army types could give his mutton chops a run for their money.

Far from the Madding Herd.

Realising that Cav was possibly still somewhat miffed about not getting an Olympic medal (again) Herdy decided to blend in by drafting a peloton of unsuspecting tourists - surely one more sweaty backside wouldn't be noticed on a busy Bank Holiday?  Unfortunately old habits die hard and he stormed up Kirkstone Pass, overtaking 2 coaches and moped.  He then nipped down to Ambleside via the Struggle and whizzed back up for a pint at the inn "just for fun".

Now happily settled into his new home all it lacked was a decent throne, perhaps those nice folks at Herdy would consider whittling one up for him?

"Ewe lookin' at me?"

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