Friday, 7 December 2012

Legless in the Lakes (Day 6)

Peel Island from Roa Island.
Finally - a day of full and glorious sunshine and no rain or ice - yay!  Things were looking so good on the garden centre avoidance front that  I did a little dance.  Not sure what I put in the food last night but everyone had developed a deep and lasting attachment to their beds so it was gone 11am before we were on the move and, to start with, we didn't move far at all.  Time to visit downtown Grange which, for a retirement town, is pretty tricky for those unsteady on their feet.  We stayed just long enough to enjoy a coffee at the wonderful At Home Bistro and to book a table there for dinner tonight.  I've waxed lyrical about them before and they really are a must visit next time you're in the area.

The closest I got to the snowy fells...
Having spent a few days in the fells mum opted for a drive out to Barrow along the coast road.  I wasn't at all sure about the shopping part but I was certainly up for the drive.  We stopped at a couple of spots along the way to admire the view and even took a spin down to the end of Roa Island to peer at Peel Island and Castle while I tried to explain to mum about the King.  Thoroughly confused we headed for Barrow.

I've never been to central Barrow before so followed the signs to the town centre parking.  Driving around the first car park I couldn't see any disabled bays but I could see a traffic warden - not always a welcome sight but on this occasion he was.  When I asked about the disabled parking I was very impressed to discover that blue badge holders get to park for 3 hours free of charge in Barrow.  YA HEAR THAT SLDC?  So we popped the badge in the window and leapt out of the car.  Well, I leapt, mum sort of slid out cursing, groaning and complaining about her knees - as Bette Davies so accurately put it "Old age ain't for sissies".  I can only imagine how frustrating it must be when your mind is fit as a fiddle but your body refuses to play ball.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a very grumpy old woman; unless I spend most of my twilight years embalmed in gin, which is also an option.
Lovely council building & lovely to
have free parking for the disabled.

We made our way around Barrow and, as towns go, it wasn't too bad.  Nice wide walkways with well laid pavements and lovely chrissy decs.  I asked a couple of different people directions to get us about the place and everyone I spoke to was only to happy to help, especially the nice people in Debenhams who let me remove a decoration from their tree because they'd sold out in the rest of the store.  We didn't go far but it was a pleasure to be somewhere where it was easy to get around and where cafes and public loos were within easy reach at all time.  I never normally stop for coffee when I'm out and, even though I only ever drink de-caff, I fear I shall be going cold turkey next week...

As the sun began to set we made our way to the car and, rather than take the quick route home, we pootled back along the coast road to Ulverston and managed to catch one last lovely sunset before Mum heads home tomorrow.  It's been a really interesting week for me;  I'm known for zooming around most places at high speed and I'll be honest, at times this week my soul has ached to climb the fells - which sounds dramatic, but there are many of you reading this who will understand what it's like to look at the snowy fells on a beautiful day and know you can't go up them.  It's made me more determined than ever to run (or maybe stagger) up every fell I can while I can and to enjoy every single second of being able bodied.  I am sure that one day, when I'm old and knackered (well, older and more knackered than I am now) I will be only too happy to spend my days pottering sedately around a garden centre.  Just so long as they sell gin.

Sunset looking from the Barrow to Ulverston coast road.


  1. Has been a great series Beth , love the last sunset pic:). You are of course correct , snoe topped mountains need to be climbed whenever possible .

  2. Thanks Phil - it's been a really interesting challenge this week to find things to do.