Sunday, 14 July 2013

It's not secret if it's on an OS Map

When is a secret place not a secret place?  When it's on an OS Map so anyone can find it, which basically means there are no secret places in the Lake District, just places most people don't go to for one reason or another.  I've made a point of trying to write about some of the more tucked away spots and that has sometimes landed me into trouble with folk who want to keep them secret, but in my book it's a crying shame when stunning views go unseen.

Of course the flip side to the argument is that perhaps some places should remain secret and only reveal themselves to those who are willing to explore a little?  Either way we discovered another wonderful spot this week and Steve has threatened me with all sorts of horrible retribution if I spill the beans and tell everyone where it is. (Revoking my remote control privileges I can live with, but hiding the corkscrew would be a step too far.)

I honestly don't think there's much that can beat that feeling of rounding a bend or popping out of some woods and being presented with glorious views and not another soul in sight. And then there's the crushing disappointment of planning a visit to a favourite hidden away spot only to find that someone else is already there.  The cheek!

So, how do I resolve this conundrum?  Well, I've decided to set a challenge.  Below are five pictures of my five favourite hidden away spots and if you want to find them you're going to need to a) match the right picture to the right location and b) then find them on an OS Map.  I think that's fair, don't you?

1.  View from somewhere near Wray Castle

Picture A

2.  Waterfall not far from Wansfell

Picture B

3.  Tarn near Heron Pike

Picture C

4.  View from a picturesque bench near High Dam

Picture D

5.  Not a million miles from the Damson Dene

Picture E

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