Monday, 24 March 2014

Hampsfell in heels...

On top of the hospice, on top of Hampsfell in a tiara & high heels
Well not quite, I only put that because it rhymes.  I did don heels but only briefly and only at the very summit - to try walking over the limestone pavements in anything other than proper boots would have been madness. As those who know me know, I don't wear make-up or at least I only wear it on very, very rare occasions (4 years ago was the last occasion by my reckoning and prior to that our wedding day in 2003)  so when all the "barefacedselfies" started doing the rounds no-one nominated me and for good reason, I mean I really wouldn't look any different would I?

Thing is my dad died of cancer in 1986 when I was just 18 and my sister has survived breast cancer.  On top of that the wife of a very good friend lost her battle to the evil disease in 2012 and another friend lost her mother last year.  And that's just the very tip of an enormous iceberg - the guy from work who died of liver cancer, my brother-in-law's sister-in-law (work that one out!) who died of blood cancer, my husband's aunt who died of a brain tumour and so on.  You get my drift, cancer sucks.

So I wanted to join in and do my bit and this was what I came up with - if everyone else was wiping the make-up off, why don't I plaster it on?  And instead of taking the selfie in the comfort of my living room why not hike up the nearest fell in full evening attire while I'm on?  Trust me, if something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing, which is why I surprised a number of people on Hampsfell this morning.

Every adventure in life should teach you something and I definitely learned stuff today - I learned that make-up can go off, I learned that make-up applicators disintegrate over time, I learned that  Qtips make lousy eye shadow applicators and I learned that fingers can apply make-up just fine.  (Oh and I also learned that miniskirts and high stone stiles don't mix as you'll see from the photo below)

Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, all I ask is that if you giggle, at least once, you click this link to my JustGiving page and donate a couple of quid.  Honestly, every single penny helps and though it won't bring back any of the good folks we've lost, it may help our loved ones in the future.  Thank you.  :-)

UPDATE: Thanks to you I raised over £150 from JustGiving & other donations. Not bad for a hike. Maybe I should wear make up more often? 😀

Slapping it on!

Not my usual rucksack rations.

Helena Bonham Carter eat your heart out.

The hair was not part of the bet, I just like it this colour.

High stiles were not meant for short skirts.

My only pair of heels. They stayed on for 5 mins.

Matching nail varnish & phone case, tres fashionable so I'm told...

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