Sunday, 6 July 2014

Jobs for all!

Five months ago I didn't have much of an opinion about Glasgow.  I'd never visited the city centre and what I knew about it came from grim dramas and dark comedies - but that all began to change when I came for my auditions and continues to change with each and every visit.   Glasgow is a fantastic city with interesting architecture and fascinating museums.  (I've heard that the shopping is good too but that's not really my thing.)  Edinburgh is a beautiful city and tries really hard with all its tourist attractions whereas Glasgow has more of a "this is the way we are and if you don't like it that's just tough" approach and I like that in a place.

The city is completely gearing up for the games which only increases the excitement as I explore on my way to the rehearsal venue.  I'm staying over after each rehearsal and allowing myself plenty of time to explore and take it all in - which explains why I'm currently enjoying an al fresco breakfast in the sunshine in George Square.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - and it wasn't nearly long enough!  From Dali to dangling heads and a sainted Elvis this place has it all and is an absolute must!   I'll be back (but not in a menacing trying to kill you & change the space time continuum kind of a way)

Rehearsals stepped up a gear last night as roles began to be assigned and initial costume fittings began. We're all assigned to different roles and groups, with no real idea why but happily put our faith in the magnificent team behind it all.  I am utterly rubbish with names but Mark is in charge of it all (looks a bit like Danny Dyer but doesn't swear so much - at least not in front of us) and EJ looks after the choreography and is a bit of a legend for appearing in Sunshine on Leith. 

Last night we got to rehearse outside in the glorious evening sunshine and we can only hope it's like that on the night.  We are so incredibly well looked after with tea and coffee on tap and a myriad of people in flourescent jackets to turn to if we have any questions at all - most notably Elly and Adam who are our main points of contact and who must have the patience of saints - or a secret stash of whisky (most likely both) as they deal with question after question with unfailing smiles and good humour. 

Next rehearsal is on Wednesday and I can't wait.  This amazing journey gets better with every step I take - and trust me, there are a LOT of steps! As the picture below says - Bring it on!

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