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Book Bibliography

An odd post this - but it was the only way we could think of doing it.  Our book is now out and we were on a pretty strict word count so when we announced to the publisher that our bibliography was best part of 1000 words they asked us to trim it for the print edition, which we did.  However I do want to give full credit to all our sources so the full list of our references is below.  (And I had SO much fun ferreting around in libraries for them all!)

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Archaeology UK  
British History Online
English Lakes
Fell and Rock Climbing Club
Herdwick Breeders Association
Honister Slate Mine
Kentmere Village
Northern Viaduct Trust
The Megalithic Portal
The Wainwright Society

Miscellaneous Papers
LANCASTER ENVIRONMENT CENTRE, Rare Fish Monitoring Report, March 2011
Report of the proceedings of the trial of John Hatfield for Forgery – By “A shorthand writer” Printed by B Mace London 1803
High Borrowdale: The history of a Westmorland Farm – researched by Cynthia Gregg for Friends of the Lake District
Proceedings of the society of antiquaries of London. November 23, 1899, to June 20, 1901. Second series, vol. Xviii. Feinted by j. B. Nichols and sons.
An Act for Widening, Repairing, and Amending the Road from Hesket, by Yewes Bridge, to Cockermouth; and from thence, by Lorton over Whinlatter, to Keswick, in the County of Cumberland; and from Keswick, by Dunmail Rays and Ambleside, to Kirby in Kendall, in the County of Westmoreland; and from Plumgarth's Cross, near Kirkby in Kendall aforesaid, to the Lake called Windermere, in the County of Westmoreland; and from Keswickaforesaid, to the Town of Penrith, in the County of Cumberland – (Act of Parliament 1762)


CREDIT FOR Gimmer Crag sketch – “C. Douglas Milner FRCC Guide Book. Mountain Heritage Collection”

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