Saturday, 19 March 2016

Glenridding - Backstage

'Ello Alfred!
Glenridding rocks.  It's always been a lovely little place and it always will be.  The storms over the winter arguably hit Glenridding harder than anywhere else - and it certainly drew the media attention - but this isn't a place to take things lying down.  Glenridding is open - a few of the shops remain closed, as does the Glenridding Hotel, but the village is well and truly open for business and there's plenty to do - hikes up Helvellyn, trips on the steamers, walks along the banks of the lake etc. etc. etc.

With Easter looming large the good folks of Glenridding got together and put out a community appeal to help spruce the place up a bit ready for the impending visitors.  Led by the Glenridding Hotel and Catstycam they whipped up a possy of people eager to to help.  

By the time we arrived work was well under way with over £600 worth of plants etc. donated by Hayes Garden World in Ambleside and B&Q in Penrith

Steve getting stuck in

After a quick break to meet the legend that is Alfred the dog we cracked on.  The only problem was that so many people had turned up that they'd done most of the work already, so we were assigned to sign cleaning.

I was clearly starstruck.
"I like it because it is clean"
Steve learned how to remove gaffa tape from a sign...


....and after

While we were busy cleaning more planting supplies arrived and they soon began to brighten up the whole of the village.


It was also great to see the diggers hard at work repairing the walls to protect from any further floods...

...and to see the local TV crews coming along to give the village a much needed boost.

And why wouldn't you want to visit Glenridding?  After we were done we took a short drive along the lake to Aira Force and enjoyed a lovely sunny stroll.

Before heading back along the lake with me leaning out the car window trying to take photos.  Never works does it, but still we keep trying!

With Easter just a week away many hotels, B&Bs etc right across the county are reporting a big slump in bookings - THIS IS SERIOUS - please come and see us - the weather forecast is great, there's loads to see and do and the towns and villages are putting in a huge effort to look great and make you feel welcome.  (You could do FAR worse than book into one of my favourite places the Netherdene B&B, just a very short drive from Aira Force and Glenridding)

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