Friday, 17 June 2016

Monty's Blog

This is a very short but very sad blog. Back in July 2010 when we started this blog it lived on another site and was called Monty's Blog after our cat.  We'd set off on a 6 week adventure in our camper van and were bringing Monty along with us.  I couldn't be bothered to keep emailing our families with what we were up to so started the blog and told them they could all look there if they wanted to keep tabs on our adventures..

Our very first post is here and we had no idea then where it would lead us.  (There are earlier posts now on this site but they were posts I've copied across from a forum I used to be part of).  Since then Monty accompanied us on trips from Lands End to John O'Groats and all points in between - some of our best memories are when the 3 of us were living together on the van for three months in Jan/ Feb March 2011 when we first moved up here.  He even went off "on safari" for 2 weeks when we finally moved into our new home.  He really was a very well travelled cat.

Sadly, this week he was hit by a car along Windermere Road and died.  We are, of course, utterly heartbroken as I'm sure any pet owner will understand and, as this blog was originally started in his name, I couldn't let his passing go unmentioned.  He was an absolute character - we loved him dearly and will miss him greatly but I'm sure once the tears have dried there will be plenty of smiles as we recall his many adventures.


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