Sunday, 2 October 2016

Potty Picnics Part 2

"There's 36  miles to Coniston, we've got a full tank of gas, half the contents of Booth's on the back seat, it's sunny out and we're wearing sunglasses."

In Potty Picnics Part 1 we carried a full afternoon tea to to the top of Harter Fell  - this time we had a lovely Hilux car to play with for the weekend (HUGE thanks to Vantage Motors) which was rather too cumbersome to carry to the top of anywhere.

Having toured the Lake District (and beyond) thoroughly for a few days, we decided to round off the weekend with afternoon tea, in the back of the Hilux, in Walna Scar car park - obvious really.

The car park was fuller than we'd ever seen it with cars strewn everywhere and we didn't feel at all incongruous setting up a table and chairs in the back of the truck...

We thought we were slightly deranged but several folks stopped to chat and told us it was the most civilised thing they'd seen all day. (Or maybe they were just being nice hoping we'd toss them a scone...)

We even found a new friend, but he soon lost interest when he realised the smoked salmon was all gone, and in his haste to depart he forgot to tell us his name.

The fells were looking magnificent, if a little busy, and we couldn't resist a quick stop at the end of Coniston Water on the way home.

No idea where Potty Picnics Part 3 might take us but we're open to suggestions.  In the meantime, here are a few more photos from the weekend (if for no other reason than to explain to Vantage Motors why the mileage is so much higher than it was when they dropped it off on Thursday evening.)  And for those who are curious, it's a Toyota Hilux Invincible X and it was AWESOME - seriously, Steve does NOT want to hand it back.

Birkrigg Common

Derwent Water

Friars Crag

NT Car Park Derwent Water

Honister Pass

Honister Pass

Wast Water

Wast Water

Beckfoot nr Silloth

Silloth sunset

Sandy tyres

The Hoad, Ulverston

Ulverston & Coniston fells from Birkrigg

Birkrigg & sheep

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