Saturday, 1 April 2017

Massive makeover for Elter Water

The new Mount Rushmore
Elter Water is to be renamed and revamped into a bold new family friendly attraction.  In a tribute to the Disney movie 'Frozen' the popular tourist destination is to be permanently turned to ice and become a year-round skating rink.

The lake was selected as it's one of the smallest and shallowest in the National Park and it was anticipated that it would take months for the initial freezing of the lake to be completed.  We have, however, been advised that thanks to the coronation of a local young dignitary, this process could be drastically speeded up.

In honour of the transformation the lake will be re-named Elsa Water and a special "Kristoff Express" bus will run from nearby Arendelle-side (formerly Ambleside) complete with a pair of giant antlers strapped to the front.

To complete the Disney/Frozen theme the Langdale Pikes are to be given a massive face-lift and turned into a UK version of Mount Rushmore with Loft Crag, Pike of Stickle and Harrison Stickle being carved into giant likenesses of Elsa, Anna and Olaf respectively.

Naturally there have been a number of vocal opponents to this ambitious scheme, but a spokesperson for the company behind the transformation flicked back her long white plait before saying "We know people are annoyed, but we think it's best if they just let it go, let it go, they can't hold it back any more - I don't care what they're going to say; let the storm rage on, the cold shoulder never bothered me anyway."

Advance tickets are selling fast and anyone interested is recommended to reserve their place by emailing

(And if you want to help us raise some funds to help Mountain Rescue buy a much needed glow in the dark Hoverboard please click here)

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