Monday, 16 July 2018

Me Time

This blog is inspired by a very good friend of mine, she will remain nameless but she'll know who she is.  Like many of us she is crazy busy and is definitely the sort of person about whom you could say "she'll do anything for anyone" but, also like many of us, the one person she rarely does anything for is herself.

We've all been there, racing around trying to do a million things at once then wondering why we feel so frazzled.  In an era where long hours and stressed out lives are worn like a badge of honour taking a day out to focus on yourself seems sinful; like somehow you're failing, or not trying hard enough.  "I've had a long day" you say. "Hah! You think *you've* had a long day - wait till you hear about mine!" comes the reply, and so the competition begins.

Well, today I had a "me" day and I don't even feel a little bit guilty, so there! I'm working in Edinburgh in the morning so instead of working all day on projects at home and arriving late this evening, I got an early train and enjoyed a flipping big yomp around the city (not everyone's idea of a fun day, but it was MY day & I loved it!).

I munched my favourite chocolates, made my squash extra strong and instead of reheating the pot of homemade chilli I brought with me I ate it cold, from the tub, whilst sat on Portobello beach - something that definitely would NOT have happened had my lovely husband been with me.

Working hard is fine, but so is taking time out to recharge your batteries. In fact it's essential - and particularly challenging for the self employed where the notion of a regular working week flew out the window some time ago.

In my non-writing life I deliver courses on time management and stress management and it's sad to see how many people are missing out on time with loved ones, or doing things they love, because of being tied to an office (or smartphone!) So, do yourself a favour, over the next 7 days take some time out to focus on you - even if it's just an hour - I promise the world won't end, and it may just do you some good.

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