Friday, 28 June 2019

Brewers Loop - the first trimester...

Yes, I know that a trimester is technically 3 months, but it feels like we've been going for a really long time...

As well as hiking with it we have already taken the cask on a horse & cart, steam train, canoe and bike and today we swam with it along Rydal Water.  So what have we learned so far?

1. The cask is heavy. 10kg may not sound a lot but try dragging it up a fell.

2. It's a cask. Not a keg and definitely NOT a barrel. (Plus, if it was a barrel we'd probably be going over Niagara Falls in it...)

3. Everyone assumes it's full. It's not because a) that would make it even heavier and b) the beer would go off, and we don't want that on our conscience.

4. It floats. To be fair, Unsworths Brewery (who loaned us the cask) always told us it would, but now we have proven it.

5.  It's blooming hard canoeing into a headwind. Our trip up Windermere with Distant Horizons was properly challenging.

6.  It doesn't roll around much. We thought we'd have to strap it down on the cycling day with Grizedale Mountain Bikes, but it was very well behaved.

7. We have bonded with it & it has a name. In fact it has several. It's been given a new name every day to match the person or the adventure. Today it was Suzanna Caskshank in honour of our swimming guide. Who knows what it will be tomorrow.

8.  Windermere YHA is NOT in Windermere. It's in Troutbeck & they need to change the name.

9.  It may be made of alluminium but it's magnetic & attracts a lot of attention wherever we are.

10. People are very generous. Lots of folks we've met on the fells have given us generous donations in our collecting pots. If you want to support our Mountain Rescue appeal you can find out more right here.

Thank you. 😀

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