Sunday, 16 May 2010

Incredible Reversing Cat

Well the time came for us to risk a venture out with Monty.  We'd got him used to the van and even spent a night in there with him to see how things worked out.  Fine as it happens - but it startled the pizza delivery guy when he was on his way to our front door and we ambushed him!  Monty was fine that night - although he did realise that it was easier getting up into the overcab bed than it was getting down again! 
We picked a site we knew well just in case he made a dash for it and headed off feeling somewhat nervous.  He wasn't impressed at the journey maybe it was my driving, or he could just have been singing along to some Abba classics, but either way he made a bit of a racket!
The only spot left at the site was next to a cattle grid, which wasn't ideal but at least we'd be safe from marauding cattle.  After we were settled we kitted Monty out in his new lead and harness and attempted to lure him outside.  The first thing I'd like to point out is that the website we bought the harness off has an excellent sense of humour "Your cat will love the snug harness" it told me.  Really?  A cat will love wearing a harness?  Not sure what zen like felines they're familiar with but Monty was certainly not impressed with it.  After several Houdini style attempts to wriggle free he gave up, but insisted on walking backwards...  So there's me standing guard over 4 sausages on our blue bucket barbecue whilst Steve behind me is in charge of the reversing cat.  We certainly attracted plenty of attention.  Could have been the cat or possibly the fact that our BBQ seemed to be setting off all the smoke detectors in all the vans in a 200m radius. 
Next trip is 4 nights in Lincolnshire.  A four hour drive and four nights with Monty in the middle of nowhere - what could possibly go wrong? 

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