Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lurking in Lincs.

Our longest trip yet with Monty - we needed to go house hunting in Lincolnshire and what could make more sense than to take a motorhome and cat with us?  It was also our first experience of using a CL/ CS (Certified Location/ Certified Site) which are basically fields or large gardens with basic facilities and the ability to take a maximum of 5 caravans/ motorhomes.
'Home' for the week was to be someone's large garden near to Woodhall Spa and very lovely it was too.  The owners were delightful and the gentleman came round and spoke to everyone on the site each day and was keen to explain all the lovely things Lincolnshire had to offer - though he was a little chatty and it could have been easy to have spent the day talking about the things we could see rather than actually seeing them!
Sunset through the grass
Delores motored up hill and down dale - yes there are hills in Lincolnshire.  Well there are in the Wolds anyway - the fens are a little on the flat side!  Much of the Woodhall Spa area reminded us of the New Forest except fewer cars and a LOT cheaper.  Free parking - can you imagine that in the New Forest?  (Mind you can you imagine anything free in the New Forest?)
Whilst motoring in a particularly quiet part of the county we decided to let Monty out of his cat carrier to see if he relaxed a little more as he was getting very upset being locked up every time we set off. Turns out he's absolutely fine although he does tend to peer out the windows at passing motorists which attracts a little attention.  He was a little spooked at first when he looked out of the back window and noticed other vehicles driving towards him (let's face it, we're in a motorhome, everything bar the odd tractor hurtles towards us!) but he soon found a few little nooks to hide in and is now much happier when we're driving around.
He did us proud again with his incredible reversing but at least there were fewer people around to see it this time.
On this trip we did notice the one downside of summer camping - people with their doors open watching TV loud enough for us all to hear what was going on.  Is there nowhere in the country to escape Graham Norton or Ant & Dec?  I'm sure they're very lovely people but when I book a campsite in the middle of nowhere I don't appreciate being stalked by people looking for Dorothy...

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