Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Felling in Love

Ullswater, where the affair began.
I'll never forget the first time we met; 22nd August 2010, I was a little apprehensive and you were all rugged good looks and twinkling blue skies. As with most relationships we were both on our best behaviour for the first few dates - your blue skies continued to twinkle and my clothes were skimpy. We even spent the night together on our first date but I think that's because we both knew it was serious right from the start.

We were inseparable for those first couple of weeks but eventually I had to return home, though we both promised to keep in touch. I returned a couple of months later and I could immediately see you'd changed, those twinkling blue skies had been replaced with something a little more moody and unpredictable, but if anything it only made me love you more. If I'm honest I'd changed too, my skimpy clothes were gone, replaced with something rather more comfortable and practical. We only got to spend a week together but it was enough time to make our plans for the future.

"Home" - for a while.
We finally moved in together on 2nd January 2011, some people thought we were rushing things, but we knew better didn't we? To start off with we made do with a small place that meant I had to commute to see you but it was worth it and by the end of March we were properly together.

Over the past year or so I've learned so much about you and it's fair to say I've lost my way with you a few times - especially when you get all misty skied on me. I've also noticed how unpredictable your moods are and, on occasion, I've seen your nasty side; not pretty but we all have one don't we? You're forever changing your appearance and are always keen to show off the new look for each season. You've taken an interest in my clothes too and you're happy for me to go back to my skimpy clothes on the right occasion but you're quick to punish me if I get it wrong - remember that time I thought I could hike around Haweswater in my t-shirt and shorts because it was sunny? Halfway round you unleashed a torrential downpour that taught me to respect you and your ever changing moods.

Misty eyed.

I know I'm not the only one in love with you; ours is an open relationship and each year I have to share you with around 8 million others, but I'm happy with that. Many of them don't understand you like I do and I know some of them hurt you when they don't appreciate your fragile nature and walk all over you with no consideration for the future relationship.

\Breathtaking beauty.

There are literally thousands of books about you written by people hoping to get to know you better and trying to explain your complex nature. Some of those books are helpful but many of them miss the point completely. Love for you can't be explained it can only be felt, and those who don't feel it will never understand how those like me cope with your unpredictable nature, ever changing moods and constant demands for attention - but we're happy aren't we?

Our relationship is rock solid so today, on Valentine's Day, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell the world what you mean to me. I haven't bought you flowers - but I know you'll have some ready for me next time we meet. So please, don't ever change your wild & unpredictable ways, I really do love you just the way you are.


  1. Ahh that was great Beth. And your love shines through.

  2. Brilliant!
    Happy Valentines Day <3

  3. Thank you. This blog came straight from the heart. I've never been able to properly explain why I love the fells so much, I just do.

    1. Beautiful: Both heart-felt and imaginative. A love like all true loves: of the whole, the "gestalt"; the bad only highlighting the good; the good softening the edges of the bad; the whole, enrapturing.

  4. Its 30 years since I first met and fell for the fells too Beth, and we have been back every year for wonderfull walking hols come rain or shine 😊