Sunday, 21 October 2012

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Today we set on on a gentle 6.5 mile hike around the Langdale Valley.  We were trying out one of the High Fell Story walks for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust - an utterly brilliant idea where the audio walk is supplemented by interviews and descriptions from people who remember what the place was like in the fist half of the 20th Century.

Anyway, we'll be writing that up properly for the CWT over the next week or so - even the part where we got distracted and took a major detour, forging a rather unorthodox new route up Side Pike.  Thing is, the colours were so amazing today that I wanted to share some pics now.  So enjoy a break from my constant yattering and enjoy the views.


Elterwater Bridge

A remarkable red tree outside Elterwater YHA

Sun through the trees in Sawrey's Wood.

Beautiful and good for wildlife.

A very berry holly bush.

Baysbrown Farm Barn

Looking up the valley towards the Pikes.

Crinkle Crags and friends. (Including Steve!)

Almost too idyllic.

Side Pike. It wasn't on our route but it looked so inviting...

Check out the geology on those!

I had an Ansell Adams moment...

And another one...

This was meant to be a pic of Juniper bushes, important in the history
of the area.

Great Langdale Beck, where there used to be trout.

More Holly Berries.

Not a route for the well built...

Beautiful Blea Tarn

Whistful Sheep...

Iconic silhouette


  1. Lovely pics Beth, this must be the best time to be out walking, the autumn light, golden colours, less haze, etc etc. Aren't hills brilliant! :-)

  2. Thanks Martin - it is truly stunning this time of year.