Saturday, 27 October 2012

The hills are alive...

No - I'm not about to burst into song, the hills really are alive.  I woke up this morning, sun seeping around the curtains, and I could distinctly hear Hampsfell whispering to me that I needed to pack a flask and head up there pronto!  I've had one of those really long weeks - lots of travel, lots of work, and the idea of staying snuggled under the duvet really appealed, but the fell was not to be ignored, so up I popped, flask and camera in hand, and started the day Cumbria style.

Morecambe Bay

As I made my way up I realised that the only other people I was passing were dog walkers, out and about because their dogs needed exercise.  Maybe dogs can just hear the fells better than most human...

Other distant fells. Pretty sure they were calling too.

The duvet may have had its attractions, but the fell was right, I did need to be up there.  The skies were crystal clear and the views were stunning.  I'd only got my little point and shoot with me, but I had a go at a panorama.

After all that exertion on top of the hospice I figured it was time for coffee, so hopped down and found a nice sunny spot out of the wind to soak up the day.

Do Not Disturb.
Seems I wasn't the only old fossil at the Hospice

Replete with coffee and starting to get a little chilly (it was blowing a hooly up there), I took a poke around the inside.  I've always loved the notices on the wall.  There's also a fireplace which is always primed with sticks and ready to go - not sure who keeps restocking it, but I'm sure it's been very welcome on many occasions!

Right, time to head home, milk is needed if I want more coffee so off down into Grange for fresh supplies.  On my way down I passed a new herd of cows which I've not noticed up there before.  They were very curious and very horny.  A sentence that could get me into a lot of trouble in most other contexts.

The route down off the fell is very straightforward and the views over the bay were stunning.  But the views back weren't too bad either.  Now I just needed to get home and try to explain to Steve about talking hills and horny cows without him thinking that I've finally lost it completely.



  1. Nice blog Beth, it's always interesting to see some shorter lower levels areas to spend an hour or two in. How long was the walk?

  2. Thanks Ray. It's easy enough to do a Hampsfell lap in a couple of hours from Grange. Then back to Hazelmere cafe for a cheeky bun... :-)

  3. You're so lucky Beth to have such delights on your doorstep. Great read!

  4. Thank you - I know we're incredibly lucky. Can't quite believe it myself sometimes...