Sunday, 19 May 2013

You know you live in a hiker's house when...

As I was surveying our hallway while strapping myself into my hiking boots the thought occurred to me that the homes of hikers contain some unique features.   Perhaps you'll recognise some of them. (Of course it could just be us...)

 1.  The number of flasks/ water bottles etc. outnumber the number of residents by about 4:1 and, although there are a multitude of drinking vessels in every size shape & dimension to suit every conceivable scenario, you generally use the same 2 or 3 each time.

2.  The number of waterproofs outnumber the number of residents by about 6:1.  Lurking in the cupboard will be a range of garments, some of which will have now truly earned the title "vintage" and yet we are still unable to part with them.  "Might come in handy for visitors" is our usual excuse.

3.  Somewhere near to the waterproofs will be a basket or drawer containing enough gloves and hats to keep Blacks going for a few weeks; evidence of our continuing quest for "the perfect pair".

4. The hallway will generally be a muddy obstacle course of boots and doormats.  Yes I know I'm meant to put them away, but they need to dry first.  Honest.

5. Talking of drying, when planning the layout of your bathroom, "space to dry the waterproofs" will be a consideration.  Shower rails were not meant for shower curtains alone...

6.  And while we're in the bathroom, the following items will have pride of place in your medicine cabinet.

7.  Behind a door somewhere, probably in your spare room, lurks a space designated as "rucksack corner".  This is a space where rucksacks can hide away, biding their time until 2am when they topple over and slide down the wall, knock the door closed and scare the living daylights out of you.

8. Your "snack cupboard" will contain enough chocolate and high energy bars to give your dentist nightmares for a week.  Mixed fruit and nuts will also feature on your shopping list and in your rucksack, but will probably only be eaten when the chocolate has run out.

9.  One of your book shelves will look a lot like this (on a good day, after I've tidied).

While another will look more like this. (For long cold winter evenings.)

10.  And your magazine rack will be overrun with walking and outdoors magazines chock full of walks you plan on doing.  And best keep all the back issues too just in case; though when you come to look for that perfect walk you remember seeing, you won't recall just which magazine it was in, or when, and will hunt through the entire pile muttering something about "sorting this lot out, one day."

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