Thursday, 1 May 2014


Being hell bent on grabbing any crazy new experience going I applied to be in the opening/ closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games which is how I found myself at an audition in Glasgow surrounded by folks in leg warmers reminding me what it must have been like to be backstage at Fame.

Howgills from the train window
We took the train up which allowed us to enjoy the views and truly establish our tourist credentials early on as we took assorted photos through the train windows.  But when the Howgills look like that, why wouldn't you?

The Clyde at night...(well, dusk!)
Glasgow really surprised us both, in a good way.  The walk along the Clyde to the B&B whilst not picturesque in a Lake District way had plenty to offer in terms of history and architecture.  We planned to pop into the "museum" marked on the map for a coffee but were so blown away when we got to it that we spent the rest of that afternoon and all of the following morning there.

A very happy ship.  :-)
The Riverside Museum is amazing, entertaining, innovative and FREE - even the boat was smiling.  We are very keen to head back and see more of the city, which is fortunate as I was lucky enough to get selected to be in the closing ceremony so we'll be back plenty over the next couple of months.  (Don't expect me to spill any secrets though, my lips are sealed until after the event!)  But you CAN read about my adventures through rehearsals here.

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