Thursday, 1 May 2014

Knights in shining armour

Our long journey home from Cornwall was paused in Devon for a few days where we took time out to visit 2 magnificent National Trust properties.  Knightshayes is definitely one of the best we have ever been to - I normally have a pretty short attention span in country gardens but not here, they are spectacular and we particularly enjoyed the guided tour of the walled garden and the vast expanses of rhubarb.

My lawn looks like this...sort of...

Interesting sculptures growing from the ground.
I'd like to say the final day of our tour was spent being equally cultured at Dunster Castle - but that's only half true. Fuelled by goodies from the amazing "Baked to Perfection" shop in Dulverton we headed from Dunster to Minehead and mindlessly blew the last of our tourist pennies in the slot machines along the seafront.  We only ever partake of the 2p machines meaning £5 kept us amused for most of the afternoon and produced 3 highly valuable prizes from the machines.

Dunster Castle.  Well not all of it obviously...

So, a busy month that has seen us dancing, surfing, climbing, cycling, hiking, zipwiring, delving into history, drinking beer, eating cream teas and generally making the most of all the fantastic stuff we can visit without the need of airport queues, visas or injections. Oh, and if you're worried that I missed out Cumbria then here's proof that we even squeezed in a fantastic hike and ridge route in between our other adventures. (In fact the only thing I haven't done is keep the blog up to date - sorry about that)

I don't have a deep hankering to travel the world but I do have a very deep longing to see more of the British Isles - in fact I'm thinking of getting a T shirt designed - Proud to be a Bloody Tourist!  Who's with me?  :-)

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