Friday, 24 April 2015

Make books while the sun shines!

I know what some of you are thinking - you're thinking that you keep reading blogs & watching TV programmes about the Lake District and they always show it bathed in glorious sunshine or shimmering majestically above another inversion, but when you get here it's grey and rains. Well, there's a reason for that, and the reason is that as soon as we get some good sunny days we all grab our cameras and head for the hills (and beaches).

This weekend, after a couple of weeks a magnificent weather, the clouds are closing in and the lakes are getting a bit of a top up, but we've been making good use of that time to shoot some fab pics for the book.  Well, Steve has been shooting the fab pics, I've generally just been getting in his way and cries of "Get out of my blooming shot!" can usually be heard ringing around the valleys.  All the pics below are just the ones from my phone - his are so much better, especially once he made sure I wasn't in them.

To whet your appetite for the book, here's a glimpse of what we've been up to...

We saw an inversion & built a snowman on Stoney Cove Pike.

See - this is what happens when I get in his shot.  :-)

We traced the source of the River Kent and questioned the sanity of the Romans.

You want to build the road where?

We got soaked to the skin on a very bumpy crossing to Piel Island and then got stared at by a sheep.

Look into the eyes, not around the eyes...

We looked for coal on Whitehaven beach, picnicked in the sunshine and ate fish & chips as we watched the sun go down over the harbour (yeah, that was a tough day that was...)

No sunset is truly complete without chips.

We found an iconic bridge and then walked further than we intended just so we could enjoy one of our favourite views.

Trying to imagine what it was like before.

And then I enjoyed a lovely peaceful afternoon at Leighton Moss while Steve tore around the northern lakes for 12 hours or so.  Seemed fair to me.

Oh, and inbetween times we made spoons - turning this...

Via this...
Into this!

Now the weather's closed in again it's back to the editing - still fun, just not quite so picturesque, but at least the cat helps (his attention to detail is so much better than mine!)

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