Thursday, 6 August 2015

Smooove closer.

Another quick update - wifi is hard to come by and Vodafone are utterly impossible.  To be honest it's really rather lovely having to talk to each other and play card games - I'm thinking of heading to a remote island in the Shetlands and making it a permanent thing.

Durness was my chance to re-visit my student days - we had a Geology field trip there but my memories are patchy, largely due to the fact that I spent 2 weeks drinking Laphroaig and Tennants Extra. No, I don't know why either. I do recall visiting Smoo Cave and an epic BBQ in the sand dunes. Well, parts of it. We may have learned some stuff about rocks too but I wouldn't want to commit myself on that one.

Leaving Durness we headed east, spent a night in a midge infested forest before continuing to Thurso and Dunnet Bay.  On the night we arrived there was a wildlife walk advertised along the ENORMOUS dunes so off we toddled - little knowing it was the inaugural outing for the lovely Kate of Caithness Wildlife Walks.  It was a superb walk (will add links when I'm home) and Kate pointed out some great places to spot wildlife and  had loads of other local history info which we both loved. After the walk we headed back to the dunes & almost immediately spotted a Great Skua - fabulous!

The next day we walked all the way to Dunnet Head spotting more Great Skuas plus a couple of peregrines, some red throated divers and loads of seals.  It was a rather long walk but as soon as we got back to Delores we drove off to John O'Groats and devoured and enormous pile of fish and chips from the chippy on the quay.

Today we wandered out to Duncansby Head, the stacks are an extra mile or so but very well worth it.  We got slightly soggy in the morning the afternoon was superb - loads of sunny loveliness and just breezy enough to keep the midges at bay. Steve even helped us find 5 Cowrie shells on the way back.

People keep telling us that it's an awful summer but we've only had 1 really bad day in 3 1/2 weeks and anyway, the drumming of the rain on the roof of Delores helps me sleep.

This is such a fabulous adventure - we're loving every second and each day brings something new to see or learn about. Tomorrow we're off to Orkney for the day doing the full on tourist tour and I can't wait - we've already booked our fish and chips from the fab chippy on the quay for when we get back. Whatever the weather we'll love it.

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