Sunday, 2 August 2015

North by north west

Well, that's it - can't get any further north or west - we ran out of country.

Along the way we visited Knochan Crag - home of geology and got up close with 3 stags. We then went on to visit the amazing Corrieshalloch Gorge where we swung on a suspension bridge high above the falls before devouring the biggest BBQ pork roll known to man.

After that it was on to the bone caves at Inchnadamph and an overnight camp at Tarbet where we failed to get to Handa but suceeded instead in heading north to Durness and spending the day exploring Cape Wrath.

The weather is changeable but on the whole not bad and the whisky is sublime, though it is allowing Steve to whup me at the Monopoly card game... (That's my excuse anyway!)

Tomorrow Smoo Cave, sand dunes & student memories and Monopoly victory!  :-)

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