Sunday, 27 September 2015

Let's go round again.

We've been to Kielder 3 times; each time we've done a lap of the lake on our bikes and each time it's been different.  Mainly because the first time we both had grotty bikes, the second time my gears failed and this time we both had new(ish) bikes. Each time though the weather has been perfect - beginning to think it never rains here...

This time we also managed a trip up to the observatory for a crystal clear night of stargazing. Got up close and personal with the moon and also saw Uranus, Neptune and a distant binary star system - if you're heading this way it's certainly worth a visit.

Today's lap of the lake was largely uneventful apart from my persistent ranting about Tower Knowe wanting to chargd £6.95 for a jacket spud with beans. I'm all for supporting local shops etc. but £6.95 for something that costs around 70p to make? Clearly I'm getting old and grumpy before my time.

That aside the weather was perfect and the views magnificent - just hope I'm not too worn out as we're planning to stay up till 3am watching the lunar eclipse. If anyone wants me tomorrow morning I'm likely to be in bed...

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