Sunday, 25 October 2015

Air horns & a rear gunner...

Day 1 of Legless in the Lakes round 2 and we've played our "garden centre " card already.  Hayes Garden World in Ambleside is an easy option for the less mobile though life would be a lot simpler if their loos were nearer to the café instead of the far side of the building - when you're slow on your feet it's all too easy to get locked into a neverending "coffee - loo - coffee" cycle as by the time you've reached one, you need the other again.  

Having resisted all the Christmas paraphernalia we piled into the car and headed for Keswick. Abandoning any hope of finding a disabled parking spot we convinced mum to use the wheelchair and headed for a secret parking spot on the edge of town... To say Keswick isn’t disabled friendly is an understatement - but it's something you just don't appreciate until you're trying to navigate the town with a wheelchair.  At one point we had to abandon the pavement altogether due to the lack of dropped kerbs and take our chances on the busy roads - hence my need for air horns & a rear gunner, though they would have come in useful in Booth's too.

The upsides of the day were the beautiful autumn colours & the tasty cakes at Booth's, the downside was definitely the traffic - something we usually manage to avoid when we're hiking.

Not sure where we're headed tomorrow but we'll be off just as soon as I've finished a couple of essential modifications...

Irony: "Remember the true meaning" angels
in the middle of a pile of "Frozen" Christmas

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