Monday, 27 August 2018

Roman Holiday Day 5: Home Run

The problem with having fun is that time flies - the past few days have absolutely whizzed past. We've covered a lot of miles, had a lot of cake and a LOT of laughs - even when we were caught in a hailstorm on top of High Street and Steve was cracking Hail Caesar gags!

Today all we had to do was toddle from Eskdale down to Ravenglass and the train home.

Distance: 8.5 miles (I was only a little bit tempted to hop on La'al Ratty...)

Weather: Grey but at least it didn't rain. Much.

Terrain: Tarmac, woodland, occasional bog.

Accommodation: Eskdale YHA was properly cosy - loved my little nook!

Wildlife: A red squirrel - I swear it's a red squirrel.

Post yomp treat: A long hot bath - maybe not here though...

Roman Bath House - Ravenglass
Glad it's all over? Will be glad of a rest but have loved every second. 

Challenging as it was  the hike was the easy part, now we have to research it and write it all up. It's part of a bigger book project and it will be out next year.

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