Thursday, 23 August 2018

Roman Holiday Day 1: It'll blow over

We're walking the old Roman road from Penrith to Ravenglass for one of our books - it'll be out next year and it's a great excuse to get out on the fells.

Today we walked from Penrith station to Pooley Bridge and it went a bit like this:

Distance - 7.6 miles

If this is a milemarker we're going
to need more flapjack

Weather - thinks it's funny but it isn't

Terrain - too much tarmac followed by hard track with occasional soggy spells

Wildlife - several dozen startled sheep, 2 goldfinches and an annoying dog on the train ride

Food - a schoolgirl error in the sandwich making department resulted in one large soggy squished ball of bread. NEVER put sliced tomatoes on a rucksack sarnie

Accommodation - the very lovely Ullswater Guesthouse which is a) very friendly and b) next door to the wonderfully wellstocked Chestnut House

Chestnut House I might be here a while...
Outlook for tomorrow - possibly slow start...

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