Sunday, 25 November 2018

Not all walks are amazing...

You know me, I'm generally a happy camper who sees the best in everything but whichever way you look at it, today's walk was a bit crap.  The only good thing to say about it is that it was better than being stuck indoors. Marginally.

We planned it as a short Sunday stroll; nothing too taxing, nothing too high but, unfortunately, nothing went right...

First up we got a bit lost looking for the start of the walk, never a good sign. Then all the nice pristine paths turned out to be barely discernable boggy fields.

Then there were the blocked rights of way. Three in total (yes, I'm reporting them) which resulted in us criss-crossing one particularly boggy field 3 times before then having to cross an even boggier one.

Thankfully one of Gods Lunch Huts (aka a church) was open so we could enjoy our sarnies in comfort - always a perk of a low level walk.

Next we met the grumpy farmer - you know the type, zero signs to direct you through the farm but ready to leap out at you from behind the cow shed to point out you're going the wrong way.

Shortly after that was "the path less travelled" - a clearly marked and signposted footpath right through the middle of 4ft high brambles.

Despite all of that, and the obvious near continuous bickering, we still tried to stick to our route before we both eventually agreed to call it a day when our route disappeared into a swamp next to a river.

We diverted to the slightly longer but undoubtably quicker road route just in time to get soaked by a passing downpour just before we reached the car.

On the bright side, these are the hikes that we will laugh and tell stories about in the future. Just maybe not right now...

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