Thursday, 29 July 2010

Great North Fun Day 1

I'm counting it as day one even though it was the day we travelled up here. To be honest it's pretty scary leaving your house for 6 weeks - even if it is going to be in the safe hands of some house sitters. You can't help wondering what incredibly important item you forgot to pack.

The trip was pretty uneventful bar a short break for lunch near Leicester. We were directed to the HGV area and suddenly Delores (our campervan) felt very small indeed, rather like a mouse getting under the feet of a herd of elephants. Still there was much loud singing along the way again and as much jigging in the seat as was possible whilst still maintaining full control of Delores.

We got to the Stockton site around 6pm and it quickly became clear that poor Steve had picked up a tummy virus - at least we're on a Caravan Club site for a few nights so we're afforded a little 'bathroom luxury'. Tummy bugs and motorhomes aren't a great combination! Anyway I did what any good wife would do in the circumstances - I dashed to Asda to get him pills and soup, got completely distracted and returned 'home' an hour or so later with a new handbag and top...

The campsite itself is nice enough. Stockton is very industrial so the views of the hills are partly obscured by chimneys and factories making looking at the countryside rather like trying to pick out a familiar face in a crowded room - you know it's here but you only get the odd tantalising glimpse. Mind you I'm not complaining - I actually think it's great to see there is some industry alive and well in this country. At least I hope it's well - if it isn't it clearly shouldn't be relying on me to help it out - look how much use I am with stomach bugs!

Oh and it was Steve's coat. The vitally important thing we forgot. Still at least I know my way around the clothes department of the local Asda - not completely useless afterall!

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