Monday, 5 July 2010

Relaxing Sunday?

A typical day in a MH? 

Thought I’d recount what happened to me last Sunday – just to see if it rings any bells with anyone else... To give it a little context it was our 4th morning on a fabulous but rather large and rambling CL in the middle of Cambridgeshire. 

I needed to drop Steve off at a place a few miles hence so thought I’d spend the rest of the day sorting Delores out. On the way we notice water pouring from the back of the van – bugger! When putting the picnic chairs away we’d knocked the hot water tank drain. Doh! Oh, and we’d left the storage door open – luckily nothing missing! Stop at Tesco on route back to site to pick up a few bits and pieces for lunch/ dinner etc. then wander back to site. Decide phase one is to empty the rubbish bin & loo cassette so I wander around the site for about 20 mins till I find the bins and the chemical waste point. Decide it’s too far to haul the Thetford so dump the rubbish, go and get Delores and drive around to waste point to empty loo – then drive back. Sorted! 

Wanting to get ahead of the game I start prepping some stuff for dinner so there’s less faffing later. Monty sits peacefully on step then potters off into long grass for a sniff around, 5 mins later hurtles back with oddly lopsided head – one side normal, one side swelling rapidly courtesy of bee sting. Rapid and panicky call to vet who tells me to administer ½ a Piriton pill. Catch cat (not many places to hide on a MH) and stuff pill down throat – swelling subsides though cat has more than a passing resemblance to a grey furry Ray Winstone. (I spend the rest of the day trying to figure out why one Piriton pill knocks a full sized human like me out cold but ½ a pill has zero affect on the lunatic moggy!) 

Finish prepping stuff for dinner so decide to clean myself up as I’m meeting a friend for lunch. Quick shower splash and then the water runs out. Then call from Steve to tell me he’s got stomach bug and needs drugs. So tart myself up as best I can with an egg cup of water, un hook, head off again, stopping to refill with water along the way (only 5 mins to find that!) and another stop at Tesco on route to nice lunch. 

As I race around Tesco I get a text from Steve saying “Having a nice relaxing morning?” 

I arrived early to collect Steve so sat in the back with the window wide open relaxing and reading a book. Steve arrived and we headed back to the site but I completely forgot about the wide open rear side window and almost decapitated several passers by along the way - I wondered why they were all waving at us...

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