Friday, 30 July 2010

Great North Fun Day 2

I was going to call today's blog "Love Action" but then thought some people may get the wrong idea. The morning started with a hunt for a coat and ended with me shouting and dancing like a 14 year old...

We started off scouring the Asda for a coat. Didn't take long as they didn't have any but it did get me wondering why most people north of Watford Gap call it 'the' Asda. It's never 'the' Sainsburys or 'the' M&S. I thought it might be because Asda is short for Associated Dairies and "I'm just going to 'the' Associated Dairies" is grammatically more accurate, but then I thought, is the dialect of 'the' north being driven by an ongoing quest for grammatic perfection? Perhaps not.  Anyway we finally found a coat at "Go Outdoors" so it was Steve's turn to buy clothing today.

Phil Oakey. Human League were
After that it was down to the Fringe Festival for fun and frolics. We realised how old we were when at 4 in the afternoon instead of heading for the beer tent we found ourselves a nice bench and a couple of cups of tea. Can't believe I'm confessing this - only a short step from here to afternoon naps and blue rinses...

We spent half our time in the comedy tent which was a hit and miss affair. The compere was the funniest thing on the stage and several acts died on their backsides - seems many of them had underestimated the demands of a room full of 300 drunken northerners. Well 298 drunken northerners and 2 southern jessies high on caffeinated tea (we put the 'tea' in par-tea!)

After that it was outside to sing along to The Lighttening Seeds (excellent) and The Human League (fantastic!). They did all the big hits; Love Action, Being Boiled, Don't You Want Me and ended with Electruc Dreams. I looked around the crowd and noticed most were in the 35 - 45 age group and all the under dressed and bemused looking teens were sulking around in groups outside the beer tent muttering about their parent's awful taste in music and trying to persuade anyone of legal age to buy them a drink.

Tomorrow brings more music and maybe even some comedy. Proper comedy. You know, the stuff that actually makes you laugh...

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