Thursday, 30 July 2015

On yer bike!

Just a quick blog before we bid farewell to this superb Camping and Caravan Club campsite and head further north.

We were off on our bikes today to Cove at the end of the headland. This area is not only gorgeous it's also full of history, from the Pictish gravestone (one of only 2 on the whole west coast of Scotland) to the importance of Loch Ewe as the starting point for the Russian convoys during World War 2 - the derelict buildings around the headland a poignant reminder of bravery and tragic loss of life.

One thing I've not really mentioned is midges - and that’s because we've barely been troubled by them. I think it's a combination of breezy weather and me wearing enough Skin So Soft to ward them off the entire campsite.  On the bright side my skin will be positively glowing by the time we return!

The campsite  is on the shoreline just left of centre. Stunning!

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