Sunday, 5 March 2017

Blencathra the easy way

There's only one problem with hiking up Blencathra - you can't see Blencathra.  We've been up there many times including across Sharp Edge and, one of our absolute favourite hikes in the world, up over Halls Fell Ridge (Blencathra the Hard Way) - but today we needed something a little less brutal, so opted for a gentle  stroll along the River Glenderamackin at the foot of Clough Head.

Well, I say a little less brutal, the second half turned out to be a world class boggy yomp - my GriSports boots leaked like a sieve and I was lucky to escape without a severe case of Trench Foot (the boots are super comfortable but rubbish in the wet).

Anyway, back to the start, and the glorious drive in along St John's in the Vale.

The easy part...
River Glenderamackin


Nosy local

Odd locals

And how often do you find the perfect picnic spot, precisely at dinner time?

The difficult bit...

"Yeah, it looks a bit boggy but I think we'll be fine..."

Recreating scenes from Gladiator

Odd, and slightly soggy, locals...

"Get my good side!"

This was one of the drier sections...

Definitely new boots time!
In summary, an excellent walk for views of Blencathra, testing out waterproof capabilities of walking boots and meeting horses...

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