Thursday, 9 March 2017

I would really love to, but...

You see that photo - the one of the footpath sign with the sun behind it? It's not the greatest photo but for me it means so much.

Six years ago on March 7th 2011 we'd been living in a campervan for 2 1/2 months. We were desperately trying to find a house but, as often happens with these things, it was turning into a catalogue of disasters.

The day before that photo was taken so much had gone wrong that we honestly thought we'd have to give up on our dream and go home. It had been a rough & sleepless night with many tears of frustration. In the morning I was walking to Silverdale station to catch my train to work - the weather was perfect & the views sublime. I was so moved that I took this picture & vowed to fight on, determined that nothing would stop us achieving the things we wanted.

Spool forward 6 years and here we are; one book already published, two more out next month with two different publishers - both of whom have indicated they want to work with us again in the future - and, most importantly, we have a roof over our heads.

Each year this photo pops up and reminds me how desperate we were and how deep we had to dig and each year, wherever my head is, it inspires me to keep fighting.  Especially whenever I catch myself saying "I would really love to, but..."  Dreams don't come true all by themselves, and they certainly don't come true without a little blood, sweat & tears.

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