Saturday, 4 March 2017


I have had a genius idea.  I mean properly genius.  OK, it maybe has one minor drawback but nothing's perfect is it?

Don't you ever wonder where people were when they had their genius ideas?  Where was Frank Whittle when he came up with the idea for the jet engine?  Or Laszlo Biro when he decided to create the ballpoint pen?  Or whoever it was at Primula who first thought about putting cream cheese into toothpaste tubes?  (Mock all you want, but that stuff rocks on camping trips!)

Well, for the record, my lightbulb moment came at around 6am one morning as I was lying in bed in my rather fetching big fluffy teddybear PJs.  ( a) be glad I didn't run naked down the road Archimedes style and b) what were lightbulb moments called before Thomas Edison came along?)

Anyway, back to my genius idea - or more specifically the flaw in it - the Dragon's Den "I'm out" moment, if you will.  The flaw is this - I can see absolutely no way whatsoever of ever making any money out of it.  A minor detail in an otherwise perfect plan.

So what is my idea?  It is this - if you come to Cumbria for a holiday and the weather doesn't meet your expectations, simply send me your holiday pictures and I'll "replace" them with photos taken from the same spot when the weather was perfect.  See?  Genius - even if I do say so myself (which I just did, so it's too late to stop me now!) - though clearly, no-one is ever likely to pay me for such a a service.

Shiny Car - less than shiny weather...
The idea came to me after we'd borrowed a lovely shiny, brand spanking new, top of the range Toyota C-HR for the weekend from Vantage Motors in Morecambe - it's one of the perks of the blog and social media that they'll trust us with such a beauty, in exchange for us taking some nice photos of it in stunning Cumbrian locations.  (An idea which worked perfectly well in the past when they let us loose with a Hilux and a Citoren Cactus Ripcurl)

The only problem was that for the entire 48 hours that we had the C-HR, it steamed down with rain - which was when the genius idea came to me - how about I post the pictures we took, next to a picture of the view on a nice sunny day, and you can put the two together in your mind?  (Or photoshop them if you're properly clever!)

The other problem was that although the car was indeed very lovely, I got the distinct feeling that we weren't the target demographic the marketing department had in mind and that our adjectives and adverbs may not connect with their desired audience.  With that in mind, here are our "Exchange-a-pic(TM)" photos of the car with all adverbs and adjectives translated for their target market...

Kirkstone Pass

A Slightly soggy Kirkstone Pass

"Here's what you could've seen" #Bullseye

The spry (dope) C-HR was quite at home nipping around the windy lanes of the Lake District and its snazzy (lush) appearance certainly drew a few admiring glances.

Derwent Water

Although the weather conditions were somewhat inclement (totally sucked) the demisters were splendid (bae) when it came to clearing the windscreen.


One of our favourite views and a top spot with local fishermen (and ospreys during the summer).  Although we didn't venture far outside the car, the swish (on fleek) interior was the perfect place for a flask of tea and an eccles cake (netflix and chill - I'm not convinced that one's entirely accurate...)

Coast Road to Barrow

The C-HR was definitely a zippy (certy) little motor and was perfect for darting up and over Birkrigg Common.

Leighton Moss

Of course we took it to Leighton Moss - we LOVE Leighton Moss - our next book is about Leighton Moss.  In fact I'd go so far as to say that Leighton Moss is fandabidozi (snatched), the birds are fandabi-double-dozi (sick) and the cakes are fandabi-triple-dozi (absolutely mint).

Out in April 2017!
We were also really rather taken with the absolutely spiffing  (peak) attention to detail and quirky features such as...

It's a hybrid - cosmic! (reem)

The rather dapper (legit) interior

At night this illuminates the pavement as you approach the car - how
delightful! (fresh)

If you're now inspired to head down to Vantage in Morecambe to try out your new urban slang and take the car out for a test drive - don't forget to tell them it's totally boss and that Beth sent you. 😉

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