Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Spirit Trail Day 12 - The end is nigh!

Nearly done!  Our inaugural lap of the
#SpiritTrail is coming to a close - neither of us can quite believe how the time has flown.

Today we started in Cockermouth (I'll wait while you finish sniggering) and followed the route of the River Derwent all the way to Workington.

Karen was in an extra special good mood on account of the fact that a) the heater in our room was stuck on "super nova" setting so we were super toasty/ roasting like pigs in blankets all night and b) there was blue sky!  We'd both put our rucksack covers and waterproofs on at the start of the walk - an age old way of guaranteeing fine weather, we really should have tried it earlier in the trek!

Both of us have noticed how much fitter we've got during the past 2 weeks. We were far from couch potatoes before but today we hoovered up the 12 miles to Workington - the slowest part was dragging Karen past the shops, especially after she spotted Debenhams.

I'll be honest, I'm no fan of shopping but my motivation for pushing on was driven by nothing more than a desire to see the sea - honestly I'm like an over excited 5 year old when it comes to the draw of crashing waves.  It may sound cute but trust me, it gets tiring after a while - there are old family cine films of me on the beach aged around 2 or 3 and each time someone lets go of my hand I waddle straight towards the sea, I literally had to be tethered to avoid causing an incident. I may have forgotten to mention that to Karen...

Our sea seeing duties completed we headed back for the train to Whitehaven - if you follow in our footsteps and prefer to walk there is a beautiful stretch of coastal path you could take instead.

Once collapsed in my hotel room (ok, maybe the 12 mile hike wasn't such a breeze after all) I realised that all our hikes were now done - tomorrow we are meeting the fab folks at The Rum Story and then heading home.  We shall be celebrating our achievement with a chippy tea later but, for now, I've decided to celebrate with a glass of Lakes Distillery whisky in my beautiful Cumbria Crystal glass - which I still can't believe has made it this far intact!

Click here for Cumbria Crystal

Click here for Lakes Distillery
And if you happen to be near Whitehaven tomorrow (14th September) do pop along to The Rum Story to say hello - we'll be there around lunchtime. 😀

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