Saturday, 9 September 2017

Spirit Trail Day 8 - Local support

One slightly sad thing we've noticed on our
journey so far is how few bars and off licences sell local gins and vodkas. Obviously there are noteable exceptions like Windermere Wines who stock a good range, but they're the exception rather than the rule.

As I understand it, it's to do with the lack of independents - those tied to big breweries or chains can only stock what they're told they can and, sadly, that seems to be at the expense of the small local producers.  Perhaps if when we go in we could all ask for a local drink things may change.

Anyway, back to the hike! Today's journey took us out of Ambleside, up and over Loughrigg and down into Grasmere. We basically left the excellent Brathay Hall and headed uphill for a couple of hours.

I adore the views along Windermere from that side of the fell and we were both pretty excited that it was sunny for a change.

I promise we didnt drink them up there!
Today we chatted about things we'd learned on the hike & I think one thing that Karen learned today was not to trust me with the route planning.  Karen's more of a "main routes are main routes for a reason" kind of person whereas I'm definitely from the "ooohh look, no-one's walked along here for ages, let's have an adventure" school.  We basically paddled off the top of Loughrigg and Karen was very pleased when we found the hard track again at Rydal Cave.

Spot Karen racing to the hard track. 😀

We soon raced down into Grasmere with the sun on our backs where I got to introduce Karen to the adorable Herdy.  I have loved Herdy for many years and there is nothing finer than a beautiful Herdy mug full of hot tea at the end of a long hike. (Plus Herdy are HUGE supporters of all things local - click the link below the photo to visit their webpage &, when you've finished ooohing & aaahhing over all their lovely goodies, have a read about their Herdy Fund activities.)

Click here to visit Herdy website

Tonight we're cosy in Grasmere YHA preparing for a long hike to Keswick tomorrow. By preparing I mean eating loads, sampling gin and falling asleep by 10pm. Yes, we are THAT rock & roll! 😀

As the theme of today's blog is supporting local businesses PLEASE spare a moment to "like" and "follow" our supporters.  Sorry I can't but fancy links in here but I will do a full list at the end of our journey.  Thank you.

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