Monday, 9 August 2010

Great North Fun Day 12

Today was all about laziness and long lunches. Well we can't run around all the time and sadly even the fun and freedom of life on the road has to be interrupted for washing. I can't quite believe how many clothes we got through in our first 10 days. As Steve said, maybe I just need to be smellier. We took full advantage of having good facilities nearby and tackled the bedlinen - it's not at all easy changing bedlinen in a motorhome, the 'duvet sandwich' bedding system is indeed a wonderful thing but it does double the number of duvets to be changed.  Still, amid much childish giggling, crashing, banging and cursing the mission was accomplished - though there's a curious cat shaped lump in the top duvet...

While the washing was drying we nipped off for a spot of lunch. Who am I kidding?  "While the washing was drying..." given the weather we've had over the last few days that's a process that could take a week or more and even the Sex in the City gals couldn't make lunch last that long.  We did try though. We found an excellent pub nearby and as we only fancied something light we ordered the "roast of the day" sandwich.  I was curious when they asked if we wanted ketchup until I saw the 'sandwich'. An enormous flat bread wrapped around half a cow with a pile of chips. In such a situation ketchup is not only needed but may actually be a legal requirement.  Pub lunches are such a hit and miss affair with many just churning out microwaved pies and lasagnes, but this place was truly exceptional.  The food was excellent and the waiting staff friendly and helpful.

Following lunch we did a little spot of local sightseeing but nothing particularly earth shattering.  Our main mission for the rest of the day was to book more sites for the rest of the trip especially as we plan to be in the Lake District over August Bank Holiday and then Blackpool for the start of the illuminations.  We'd happly take more chances over accommodation and not book till a day or so ahead but the problem is that everyone else does book so we either have to join in or risk being... Or risk being what exactly?  Can't be homeless as we're in our home.  I guess it's risking being stuck in a layby next to a dual carriageway, one of the few places we can 'wildcamp' in England.  But we are planning to 'wildcamp' when we hit Scotland. Only for 4 or 5 nights but it will be a new experience for us.  At the moment we're still in the 'back yard' CL and it's very wierd opening our door to come face to face with the back door of the house.

Anyway, tomorrow brings more local sightseeing (city stuff) and an update on the progress of our drying washing. Life in the fastlane eh?

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